Physical Education

At Saint Aidan’s we commit a lot of time within the PE department, staffing and resources to deliver a high-quality product in which all students, whatever their ability, thrive. We provide a wide variety of sporting activities for all ages and abilities. The involvement of pupils in PE – both in the classroom and through the wealth of extra-curricular opportunities – helps boost confidence and self-esteem, encouraging teamwork, whilst at the same time developing their physical, mental, social, cultural, and moral skills.

PE Curriculum Statement

Year 7

On entry students complete a series of base line test alongside a games unit of work which enable realistic targets to be set for every student in KS3, in line with the school assessment bands students are graded in the following terms developing, consolidating, strengthening, and extending learner. Every unit a student covers is assessed, and a student will be below, within or above their target grade in that unit of work. At the end of all unit assessment outcomes are entered into SIMS. Students are reported on several times throughout the year according to their target grade and attitude to Learning.

Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 programme of study starts with Year 7 focusing on introducing the core skills of each unit of work. Year 8 focuses on skill refinement and placing them into a context. Year 9 works mainly on full context and decision making. Each student will be assessed in every unit of work in Key Stage 3 and progress will be tracked throughout the year. Setting in KS3 is done through the introduction of mixed classes in year 7, which then carries on through to year 9. Students will have 1 lesson a week in same gender group and one which is mixed gender according to their ability. Numerous opportunities (both within lesson and extra-curricular) to perform, coach, umpire, lead and score.

All students will have two lessons of PE each week at Key Stage 3, and 1 lesson of PE each week at Key Stage 4. Lessons are all taught by highly experienced PE specialist teachers and consist of a variety of learning styles and approaches. Typically lessons in PE involve independent, paired, and team learning experiences. Facilities are of a high standard and effectively aid the teaching and learning experience, they include a full-size sports hall, a fully equipped fitness suite, a small gymnasium, outdoor netball courts, extensive fully drained playing fields which include a 400m grass running track, two long jump pits, an Astro cricket strip, 2 grass football pitches and two sets of training grids.

All students follow the same Schemes of Learning which fully meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and spiral from one year to the next but with controlled and minimal repetition. The content is designed, through the careful sequencing and learning of practical skills and tactical sporting knowledge, to stretch students of all abilities. The aim when teaching all topics, is for students to become fluent performers in a variety of sports. SEND students have access to the same curriculum as everyone else, with TA support given as appropriate.

Curriculum Overview KS3

Key Stage 4

KS4 has a real focus on participation levels, health and fitness and lifelong participation. Units of work are based around full context of the sporting activity being covered and emphasis is placed upon enjoyment and competition. Students follow a programme of a variety of sports and health related activities and are assessed at KS4 according to their effort in classes.

Here is an overview of our Key Stage 4 PE curriculum:

Curriculum Overview KS4

Examinable PE and Vocational Courses.

At KS4 we also offer the students opportunities to study PE as an option subject. Students can choose from the following three course: AQA GCSE PE, OCR Sports Studies, and OCR Health and Social Care. If a student choosing one of the courses, then they will receive three hours of the course in year 10 and two hours of the course in year 10 (or visa versa depending on timetabling). All courses have run for several years and are delivered by our experienced PE team.

Links to the courses are below:

AQA | Physical Education | GCSE | Physical Education

Cambridge Nationals – Sport Studies Level 1/Level 2 – J829 (

Cambridge Nationals – Health and Social Care Level 1/Level 2 – J835 – OCR

The final GCSE assessment/exams are as follows:

Practical Assessment 3 sports Required
Paper 1: The human body and movement in physical activity and sport. 1 hour and 15 mins
Paper 2: Socio – cultural influences and well – being in physical activity and sport. 1 hour and 15 mins
OCR Sport Studies
R184: Contemporary issues in sport Written paper (1 hour 15 min), OCR set and marked 40% of overall grade

R185: Performance and leadership in sports activities

Centre-assessed tasks, OCR moderated 40% of overall grade

R186: Sport and the media

Centre-assessed tasks, OCR moderated 20% of overall grade
OCR Health and Social Care
R032: Principles of care in  a health and social care setting 1 Hour 15 mins
R032: Supporting individuals through life events Assignments x3
R034:Creative and therapeutic activities Assignments x4

GCSE PE, OCR Sport Studies and Health and Social Care results at Saint Aidan’s have been consistently good over the years and we put a lot of effort into ensuring that all students are appropriately challenged at the correct level. Offering a mix of GCSE and Vocational courses ensures that different styles of learners, and learners of all abilities, can access examinable PE and Health and Social  Care courses at Saint Aidan’s


We as a PE department, pride ourselves on the enrichment opportunities all students have accessed to at Saint Aidan’s. Every half term students are provided with an extra-curricular timetable that allows students to access extra-curricular sport at dinner times and after school. We run an open session policy which allows all ability students (including SEND students) to access activities and enjoy them in a safe environment. Saint Aidan’s is a member of the Wyre and Fylde School Sports Association with Mr Macleod currently in the role of joint chairman.

Extra-curricular Competition

Affiliation to the Wyre and Fylde association allows our students to compete in a wide range of sports against other schools in the association. Where possible our extra-curricular programme matches the associations, competition offer so students can practise and get selected to represent Saint Aidan’s in a variety of competitive leagues and cup competitions. Saint Aidan’s students have been very successful in the Wyre and Fylde competitions over the years proving strong in netball, rugby union, badminton, basketball, and athletics.

Outside the Wyre and Fylde competition offer Our students also get the opportunity to represent and compete in a variety of other competitions such as Football Lancashire Cup (boys and girls), Lancashire indoor cricket (boys and girls), ESSA athletics competitions, Lancashire netball Competitions etc.

Also, we offer all students, including SEND students to represent their house through inter house competitions. PD days are used to allow a variety of year groups to compete in several sports competitions, focusing on development areas such as communication, teamwork, sportsmanship etc. Our biggest interhouse competition in the year is sports day where all students regardless of ability can represent and gain points for their house.


Over the years the department has organised and run several residential visits. Currently the department offer two visits, these being Tower Wood and Austria ski trip. Tower Wood is opened to our GCSE PE students with the intention of going and being assessed in rock climbing that students can use as one of their final practical marks. Traditionally the department have run a ski trip every two years with our next visit due to be in Easter 2023. The ski visit is open to all students regardless of ability and proves to be very popular.

Department Staff

Mr B Macleod Director of PE and Vocational Subjects
Mr J Agar TEacher of PE and lead teacher of OCR Sport Studies
Mrs M Morgan Teacher of PE and lead teacher of OCR Health and Social Care
Mrs H Pears Teacher of PE

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