Worship is an important part of our life as a church school, strongly promoting the Christian values on which the school is based. We meet together in larger collective worship on a weekly basis, Babbage and Hillary Houses on Tuesdays and Keller and Nightingale Houses on Wednesdays. This promotes and strengthens our community identity.

On other days of the week, students meet in year groups or forms. Year group worship allows the year to concentrate on a theme or issue of direct relevance to them.

Form worship allows students to engage with current issues through multimedia presentations which stimulate discussion and reflection. It will usually include scripture, prayer or a moral thought for day. These are available each day on the Chaplaincy Sharepoint area and also on the daily school bulletin on Synergy. The School Prayer appears at the end of this section. Each form has Form Worship Representatives, who are responsible for keeping an up to date rota of which members of the form have delivered Friday Form Worship to their peers. This counts towards the Saint Aidan’s 10:10 Award.

Whole school termly Eucharist services give the students experience of more formal worship, and students are taking an increasing role in the leadership of these services, through participation in dramatic readings, music, intercessory prayers and liturgy. Local clergy are invited to participate and speak.

We hold smaller, less formal worship services in our Chapel after school once a half-term. These are open to students, parents, governors and members of staff. They are a great opportunity for these different parts of the school community to meet together to worship and pray.

Our Chat in the Chapel group meets on a weekly basis at lunchtime to discuss current issues under the leadership of our Chaplain.
In our Autumn Personal Development Day, all of the Year 7 students take part in a Spirituality Day  participating in a range of activities such as ‘The Meaning of Prayer’ & ‘What it means to be a Christian.’

School Prayer

Our God, who has brought us together as a family and has taught us to serve others, help us to realise our responsibilities and to serve our school and all people. May nothing we do or say tarnish our school’s good name and may loyalty, trust, and respect be part of our lives wherever we are and whoever we are with. May the love of all that is good and honest grow and develop. Help us to remember, in all that we learn, that the things of real value are those that bring us closer to you. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen