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As part of our commitment to the holistic growth and development of students, we are delighted to announce our brand new Extra-Curricular programme known as Saint Aidan’s Xtra.

The Covid pandemic has unfortunately proved to be a barrier to participation to most after school activities, clubs and sports – not just at our school but across the country -and through no fault of their own, children have missed out on valuable and rewarding extra-curricular clubs and experiences.

In order to encourage interest and promote participation among the students, we aim to offer a diverse and innovative selection of extra-curricular and lunchtime clubs each term in order to re-engage with the maximum number of students possible. To kick start the success and reward of being involved in these activities, the plan is to run a series of free ‘Taster’ sessions which will be open to everyone to come and have a go at something new!

Following a period of research and opinion gathering among students across different year groups, we are thrilled to launch St Aidan’s Xtra this term with an exciting programme of after-school and lunchtime clubs and activities. Each term we will offer a different mixture of sports clubs, academic clubs, arts and crafts including pottery, construction/trades and some slightly left field options such as Quidditch!

Keep any eye for all that is on offer and please encourage your child to get involved!

St Aidan’s Xtra – Be all you can be!

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