Absence & Attendance


Please contact school each day of your child’s absence. You can do this by Synergy, email or by phoning the school office on 01253 810504. You will be asked to provide a reason for your child’s absence.

Please note: absences are authorised at the discretion of the Headteacher and you may be asked to provide medical evidence.


Please try to avoid making appointments during the school day where possible, as these can significantly reduce your child’s learning time and impact on their progress.


Holidays will not be authorised during school time, in line with government statutory guidelines. All holidays have to be reported to the local education authority, who may choose to issue a fine.

Attendance Matters

At Saint Aidan’s we aim for all of our students to achieve 95% attendance or more. Less than 95% means less chance of success.


Your child must be in their form room when the bell rings at 8.35am. Missed time adds up to lost learning.