Post Results Services

After the publication of results, the following services are offered by the awarding bodies.

 Service 1 – Clerical re-check

A clerical re-check of a marked paper will make sure that:

  • All pages have been marked
  • All marks have been counted
  • The result matches the marks on the paper

A clerical re-check takes up to 10 calendar days.

Service 2 – Review of marking

The service includes:

  • a clerical re-check (Service 1)
  • a second examiner will review the paper/recording again to identify genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking
  • make sure all marks are counted

A review of marking can take upto 20 calendar days.

Service 3 (Review of Moderation)

This service is only available for whole subjects, not individual students.  This would be in agreement and submitted by teaching staff.

This is a review of the original moderation to ensure that the assessment criteria have been fairly, reliably and consistently applied.  It is not a re-moderation of candidates’ work.

Candidate consent is not required.

Changes to candidates’ results arising from a review of moderation cannot lead to a subsequent late request for a review of marking of a written component.


Access to Scripts – Priority copy of a marked paper

This is a photocopy or scanned copy of the marked paper that you can use to decide whether to request a review of marking or clerical re-check.

Priority copies are not available for some externally assessed units.

Access to Scripts – Original marked paper

Saint Aidan’s staff may request access to original or scanned copy of marked papers to use for teaching and learning purposes.

A candidate consent form for access must be signed by the candidate, which must be retained for six months.  The form can be downloaded from the school website under  related documents below.  A copy will also be available on results day.

Awarding bodies will send out original papers once the post-results deadline has passed.



Fees for post-results services are set independently by each awarding body and must be paid to Saint Aidan’s before any applications can be submitted to the awarding body on a candidate’s behalf.

For clerical check and reviews of marking, the fee will only be refunded if overall subject grades are amended, whether upwards or downwards.

Please note fees are per paper, not per subject.

Further details of the fees can be found on the Candidate Consent form available download below under related documents.   A copy will also be available on results day.

Review of Results – Funded by School

After examining the results for their subject, Subject Lead’s at Saint Aidan’s may decide that they think one of the above services is appropriate for a candidate. The Exams Officer or Subject Lead will contact the candidate to discuss the potential benefits and risks. In these circumstances Saint Aidan’s will pay for the enquiry however the Examinations Officer must obtain the written consent of the candidate on the appropriate form before proceeding and only after results have been issued.


Review of Results – Appeals

Each Awarding Body publishes its arrangements for appeals against its decisions.

In addition, an appeal can be made to the school concerning the decision not to request a Review of Results.

Where a student or parent disagrees with the school decision not to support a Review of Results, the parent, guardian or student (appellant) must make the appeal in writing to the Headteacher.  The deadline should normally be made by the first Monday in September. This deadline may be extended in exceptional circumstances but candidates should be aware that the awarding bodies have their own deadlines for the receipt of requests.

The enquiry will normally be led by the Head teacher, supported by the teachers of the student.  The enquiry will consider whether the request for the school to pay for a service is justified.  The candidates estimated grades, performance in school exams and subsequent results will be taken into consideration.

The appellant will receive the outcome of the appeal in writing.


Ceritifcates will be presented to students attending our Awards evening in November.  Students not attending the awards evening can collect them from reception during school operating hours.  As an Examination centre, we are only obliged to keep uncollected certificates for a period of 12 months from the date of issue after which they can be confidentially destroyed.   Here at Saint Aidan’s we will keep them for three years after which you would need to apply direct to the Exam Boards so please make arrangments to collect them.

If you are unable to collect them in person you can give authority for someone else to collect on your behalf by completing the Candidate Consent form found on the school website or a writing a letter granting permission  to your nominated person.  The nominee will need to bring their own photo identification.

Please keep your certificates in a safe place as if you lose them or require duplicates, each Exam Board charges a fee in excess of £40 per certificate.  Not all exam boards issue replacement certificates and may only provide a letter confirming your marks/grades or a certifying statement of results.

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