Structure of Governance:

Governor Category Responsibilities Committees
Mr Ian Taylor Foundation Governor Chair of Governors; Chair Resources Committee; Chair Standard and Effectiveness Committee All Committees
Mr Andy Smith Ex-Officio - Staff Headteacher All Committees
Father Andy Shaw Ex-Officio - Foundation Vice-Chair of Governors; Chair Ethos Committee; Vice-Chair of Standards and Effectiveness Standards and Effectiveness; Ethos; Teaching and Learning
Rev Naomi Barraclough Foundation Teaching and Learning
Mrs Kath Bell LA Governor Pastoral Governor Standards and Effectiveness; Resources; Teaching and Learning
Mrs Victoria Bullen Foundation Chair Teaching and Learning Committee Standards and Effectiveness; Ethos; Teaching and Learning
Mrs Cathy Davies Foundation Teaching and Learning
Mrs Sarah Dunn Foundation
Mr Joel Lavery Parent Ethos
Mrs Susan Pelham Foundation Resources
Mrs Sue Pullen Foundation Vice-Chair Ethos Committee Standards and Effectiveness; Ethos
Mrs Cheryl Rayner Parent Resources
Mrs Joanne Rossall Staff Teaching and Learning
Mr Martin Shipway Foundation Vice-Chair Resources Committee and Link Governor Standards and Effectiveness; Resources
Mrs Francesca Tiribocchi Parent Vice-Chair Teaching and Learning Committee Teaching and Learning; Standards and Effectiveness