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Modern Languages

The Languages Department is a forward thinking department located in its own fully equipped building with four classrooms, an office and student resource area. Students have access to language magazines, DVDs in French or German and books to help further reading skills and enable students to enjoy the culture and language further.

Key Stage 3

Students at KS3 enjoy three hours a week of languages. Year 7 students study one language on entry to Saint Aidan's, either French or German, for the whole year. Year 8 and 9 students study 2 languages and study one language per half term for three hours a week and are given enrichment work in the language they are not studying each half term.

We have a vast range of resources for students at KS3 to learn a language and these give students the opportunity to extend their knowledge of the language and to explore and research the cultural aspect of the country. Studio French resources and textbooks are used in Year 7, 8 and 9 and Stimmt resources are used in German Years 7, 8 and 9. Assessment takes place at the end of each module in all four skill areas – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Key Stage 4

Approximately 70% of students at KS4 study a language. Students enjoy three hours a week of their chosen language in Year 10 and two hours a week in Year 11, following the AQA full course. Students are given the opportunity to further their knowledge of the language with three main themes that we cover:

  1. Identity and culture
  2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest
  3. Current study, future study and employment

Students can build on their learning at KS3 and explore new vocabulary, tenses and involve themselves in interesting and interactive activities. All lessons are interactive and iPads are used to enhance the learning and there is a strong emphasis on immersing the students in the language and the culture of the country.

The assessment at the end of the two year course is as follows:

Paper 1 Listening exam – 25%

1 exam – Foundation tier 35 minutes and Higher tier 45 minutes. Pupils will answer questions in English and French/German.

Paper 2 Speaking exam – 25%

1 exam consisting of a role play, a photo card and a general conversation. Foundation tier will last 7-9 minutes and Higher tier will last 10-12 minutes.

Paper 3 Reading exam – 25%

1 exam – Foundation tier 45 minutes and Higher tier 1 hour. Questions in English, French/German and translation from French/German into English.

Paper 4 Writing exam – 25%

1 exam – Foundation tier 1 hour and Higher tier 1 hour 15 minutes. Questions will include a list task, a message, a translation into French/German and a structured writing task.

All students will be given a speaking book, a vocabulary booklet and it is advisable to purchase a revision guide and work book from school.


The Department offers Mandarin Chinese Tuesday nights which leads to the FCSE qualification on a two year course and Latin on a Thursday evening. Film club takes place every Thursday lunchtime where a film is shown in either French or German and all year groups are welcome to take part.

We have strong links with partner schools in Germany and the Department has a successful German Exchange programme with The Christoph Scheiner Gymnasium in Ingolstadt, Germany that has been running for 25 years for Years 9 and 10. Every year a group of 20 German students visit our school and stay with our families and then we make our return visit in the Summer and spend a week experiencing life with a German family and in their school. We also have a 5 day residential trip to Paris in February for all students to experience the wonderful culture and sights of Paris, including a trip to Disneyland. We also have a 4 day trip to Berlin for our KS3 students to enjoy in the Spring Term where they can experience the cultural sights of Berlin.

Faculty Staff

Mrs K ParkinsonDirector of MFL
Miss D SevilleTeacher of French with German, Head of Transition & Year 7
Miss S HuddartTeacher of French with German, Head of Citizenship
Miss C Butler

Teacher of German

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