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Personal Development in Action

PD standing for Personal Development- where we, instead of doing normal lessons, spend the day doing activities all based around making us better individuals and growing our confidence. Since joining, I have learned a lot from PD Days. Some of the themes included diversity and human rights, body image and my personality whilst others included trips, one of which was to Blackburn Cathedral in Year Seven where we did character building workshops throughout the day.

On our most recent PD Day we worked on revision techniques for the first part of the day. We produced some revision resources and explored ways to improve revision, making it more efficient and effective. Having made a sizeable pile of flashcards, we moved on to the second part of our day. We spent the afternoon looking at personality, and the characteristics that make us ourselves. After talking about what personality really means, we thought about our own personalities and character traits, writing down words that described them. We then took the “Sixteen Personalities” quiz on our iPads. There were 16 possible results, which were divided into four groups. The results couldn’t have been more accurate - it was almost unnerving!

After the quiz, we were given the task of designing and presenting a new gadget for Christmas, in groups. In the groups, however, we had to have one person from each of the four personality groups; using all of our strengths collaboratively.

I look forward to PD Days.  They are always great days and we learn a lot from them. I think they can be both educating and even inspiring, and definitely build confidence.

Isobel Lavery

Year 8