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A Chilly Half Term Trip

In February half term, 44 Year 10 and 11 Geography students went on a rather chilly trip to Iceland – the “land of fire and ice”. Whilst there, the group visited many sites around the south and west coast and studied several topics on the GCSE course including glaciers/glaciation, coasts, plate tectonics, earthquakes and geothermal energy.

Mr Corbridge, the Geography teacher responsible for the trip, explains, “The trip gives students an excellent opportunity to consolidate learning from in school by visiting places we learn about and helps put the learning into context by allowing students to make links between different places and topics we’ve learnt about.

“It is also just a fascinating place with other worldly landscapes and amazing people living there (where over 50% of the population believe the Icelandic folklore about trolls and elves!)”

It proved a little difficult trying to pronounce places like ‘Hveragerdi’, ‘Hvolsvöllur’, ‘Sólheimajökull’, ‘Eyjafjallajökull’ and ‘þingvallavatn’ but the group had guide Rob on hand to help. He also talked to the students at each stop and on the bus travelling around, explaining the Geography behind the landscape.

Mr Corbridge added, “This trip definitely has the wow factor! I don’t think everyone was quite prepared for the blizzard conditions we encountered, or the sheer scale of some of the places we went to!

“Some jaws dropped when students were on the beach and were told that the next piece of land due south was Antarctica, around 5,500km away – causing some pretty spectacular large waves!

“The real highlight has to be when we did a glacier hike on the Sólheimajökull glacier – students really started to get the size and scale of a glacier whilst on top of one, and this will help them out with case studies for their GCSE Geography exam.”