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Gazette Report

Hi I’m Maddison.

I’m 12 years old and I started at Saint Aidan’s Church of England High school a year ago. It was scary at first. You think you’ll never be able to know your way around such a big school. But you’re wrong. After the first couple of days you know the place like the back of your hand.

As a year six you are top of the school, you look after little ones and help out at breaks and lunches. You are given all the power and you are more familiar with everything.

You know all the teachers and students, you know where everything is and you know what the rules and responsibilities.

Teachers can have a laugh with you and you pretty much know everyone. You also stay in one classroom with the same teacher.

As you go into the year seven all of that changes. In year seven you are the newbies. You’re fresh on the block. You don’t know anyone (except any old classmates) and no-one knows you. You are soon put into new classes which helps you make new friends a lot easier

You have a form; this is where you go in a morning for registration and to prepare for the school day ahead. At Saint Aidan’s your form is a mixture of year groups. There is also your form tutor. He/she will be there if you need anything or have any questions or queries.

As you go up through the school you learn more and grow in confidence. The teachers are really friendly and can give you support throughout your time there. High school is a really lovely atmosphere and the friendliness of the place is amazing.

I hope you have an amazing time at high school and that you have learnt a lot from my past experience. Enjoy life and in all its fullness.