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Successful Shakespeare Workshops

On Thursday 1st March, The young Shakespeare Company came to school to perform Romeo and Juliet for the Year 9 students in the morning and then Macbeth for the Year 8s in the afternoon. Both these texts are studied as part of the KS3 Drama curriculum and it was a great opportunity for students to see the plays performed ‘in the flesh’.

Mr Andrew Swindley, Head of Drama, explains, “The students were treated to two very good performances, each of which began with a half hour workshop setting out some of the techniques the actors had used in performance, approaches to Shakespearean language and stage fighting.

“This last item (stage fighting) was particularly entertaining as it was presented as if two of the actors were falling out as the other three tried to present the workshop. It was so successfully done that many in the audience, including teachers, thought that this was a real conflict!”

He added, “The adaptations of the plays that took up the majority of the performances were superb and gave the students involved an entertaining as well as educational experience.”