The Curtain Rises Again!


For the first time in two years, we were able to welcome an audience back into school for a theatrical production – and what a production!  ‘Curtain Up’ was a series of songs and scenes from our best loved musicals.  Under the direction of Mrs Markland and the production of Miss Brannigan, the cast wowed audiences with three performances packed full of singing, dancing, humour and joy.  This included the hits from such shows as Les Miserables, Six, The Rocky Horror Show, Grease and Mama Mia.  Here’s what the cast and crew had to say:

The talent at Saint Aidan’s CE high school is unbelievable and the process was a voyage of discovery and very much about building confidence. There was a massive team spirit, and everyone supported each other working in a professional manner and committing to 3X 2-hour sessions after school every week.  The show evolved through their enthusiasm and as each cast member got a little more confident and wanted to challenge themselves with solos or narration.  The creative future at Saint Aidan’s is bright. (Anne Markland)

I cannot express my awe and admiration for everyone involved in our recent show. The talent, dedication and team spirit shone through. I am very much looking forward to embracing the next phase of drama, dance and music at Saint Aidan’s. (Bernie Brannigan)

The show was an amazing experience. It boosted my confidence and helped me to understand my talents and ability. I was able to feel part of the school community. It will definitely be involved in the next show. (Emily Cooper)

The rehearsal process of ‘Curtain Up’ was fun and exciting. It has created a family within Saint Aidan’s. (Scarlett Anson)

‘Curtain Up’ has been the best weeks of my life. I had so many parts to play in the show. Everyone felt included. I made friends and relationships which will last for life. The best thing ever. I would recommend getting involved in drama to everyone. Absolutely fabulous. (Luce Grimshaw)

‘Curtain Up’ was fun. Watching the whole event take shape was amazing. When we finally performed it was amazing. Thank you to all the staff who believed in us. (Emily Addington-Barker)

I was thankful to be in the show. I have made new friends along the way. Thank you, Anne, and I can’t wait until I am doing it again. (Jason Dawson-Shaw)

I would say the rehearsal was hard but the outcome was worth it. Going up on stage and performing helped me with my confidence. I really enjoyed it. (Georgina Wells)

Amazing! I had the time of my life. When exams were looming and pressure growing, coming to the show was my way of relaxing a bit. I would describe it as a fun, one of a kind experience and I can’t wait for the next show. (Megan Willmot)

I think the ‘Curtain Up’ show was good and we all did well. It made me more confident and I was able to perform in front of people. (Rihanna Richardson)

The show was amazing. I made so many new friends and it has seriously boosted my interest in drama. I hope to take up another principle role in the next show at Saint Aidan’s. (Luke Smith)