Hinduism Day


Students in traditional dress

On Friday 7th January, the RE department welcomed the Hinduism Education Services into school to run a day of interactive workshops with Year 7. Our students were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in Indian and Hindu culture ranging from traditional dances, chanting and even dressing up in saris and turbans! The day finished with a special Hindu wedding ceremony where we experienced the different rituals of a Hindu wedding. Thank you to our bride and groom, Melody and Lewis who looked amazing and put on a great show!
The workshops were a great way for students to learn from people who live the religion every day, and to bring the religion to life through the magnificent colours, smells, and costumes! Thank you to the Hinduism Education Services for a great day!
Izzy Turek and Oliver Davidson said “On Friday we had a visit from Indri and Krishna. They introduced the religion of Hinduism by telling us interesting facts about how their express their feelings for God and gods. They taught us the benefits of meditation and how it can help connect to God. We loved the chance to dress up in traditional clothing, some of us even got our faced painted! The most fun thing was participating in the role play wedding!”