Hinduism Day

Monday, 21st November was our annual Hinduism Day.  All of year 7 took part in a range of activities to help them understand this fascinatiing faith better.  Read what a selection of the had to say here:
“Yesterday, on the 21st November, Year 7 had an awesome day with the Hinduism Education Services. The activities that we took part in were praying, doing a traditional dance with dandiya sticks, as well as dressing up and learning more about Hinduism. Some students dressed up as the 3 gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. At the end of the day is what I enjoyed the most. We held a traditional Hindu wedding with kumkum powder and the fire with rice and barley to show a wish of luck for the future. They were very nice visitors and it would be amazing to see them again.” Lewis Gilbert 
“On Hinduism Day, we learned how to do a dance whilst holding dandiya sticks. In the lesson, we also learned how to wear the sari, which is a female garment and the male garment, named a dhoti. Later on in the day, we had the chance to recreate a Hindu wedding. Women wear the red bindi to show they are married. The day was fun and the visitors were very kind and helpful”  Abbie Ralph 
“Yesterday at Saint Aidan’s we had a special Hinduism Day. Two Hindus came into our school to help us understand more about the religion. During the day, we dressed up and learned how to put saris on and what different coloured bindis mean (for example, red means you’re married). We also learned a stick dance and even watched a wedding involving members of Year 7! The day was so much fun and taught me a lot about the religion.” Amy Rainbow
“I enjoyed getting dressed up, but I think my favourite part of the day was the wedding because I got to help the bride and groom. Another one of the best parts was when the bride walked in, everyone had to wiggle their tongues and make a noise like “who-lu-lu-lu” – that made us all laugh!” Niamh Murphy