Good News for Everyone!


Rose-Marie and Ron from Good News for Everyone are joined by Mr Lord and Year 7 students with their New Testaments

It was great to welcome Ron and Rose-Marie from Good News for Everyone (formerly The Gideons) for Year 7 Worship on 24th November.  Ron told us all about the organisation’s work and brought in copies of the Bibles that they hand out to groups such as emergency workers, sailors, soldiers and the partially-sighted.  Mr Lord brought in his Gideons New Testament he received 41 years ago, as well as his grandad’s copy that had travelled through North Africa and Italy during the Second World War!  Copies of the New Testament and Psalms were handed out to all of our Year 7 students.  As a school, we love to see Ron and Rose-Marie each year.  Look out for some more of their materials being used in form worship over the next few weeks.