Our staff and students have been dealing with the impact of COVID since March 2020.  At times school has been shut to all except vulnerable students and the children of key workers.  At other times school as been open but has faced the challenges of keeping education going amid strict safety guidelines and of higher than normal absence.

Through all of this our priorities have been our students’ continuing education and the safety and wellbeing of students and staff.

Our excellence in educational technology meant that we were able to provide very effective remote education right from March 2020, and when in class education resumed the gaps in learning were not as large as they might have been.  However, we have not been complacent and staff have worked tirelessly to help students to “catch up”.  The school has also provided, and continues to provide, support for students who have been struggling mentally and emotionally.

Routine COVID testing has now ceased, and the strict rules on isolation of those with COVID and their close contacts have been removed.  We are now able to treat COVID like any other infectious illness.  Measures to promote hygiene and ventilation in school will continue.

School attendance is now even more important than ever, and students must attend school if they are well enough to do so.  Please see the Attendance section in the website for more details.”

Summer School

We have had fewer visitors in school than normal since the pandemic began, and we have visits to school only when there is a good reason for them. Visitors must follow the social distancing, face covering and hygiene policies which are in place at all times when they are on the school site. This protects them and the school community.

The students who joined us in Year 7 this year had an interrupted Year 6, and some of them needed a little extra support before starting Year 7. For this reason we used the government funding available to run a summer school in August for about 40 students.

This was really successful. You can read about the impact of it in the document below.

Summer School Statement