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Microsoft Office

Free Microsoft Office Software for Students. All our students are issued with school email accounts on our Office 365 service.

There is a significant bonus with these accounts in that they provide students with the facility to download the full suite of professional Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) and install them on up to 5 home computers including Macs (but not tablets) completely free of charge. This is an amazing offer from Microsoft as the full professional version of office usually retails at over £200!

The software will be licensed and fully functional throughout the student’s time at Saint Aidan’s, providing their school email account is used at least once a month.

Students who wish to take advantage of this offer should sign in to their school email account, which can be done via the "Quick Links" on the school website homepage (top right hand corner). Once logged in, the Office 365 banner will show "Install Office 2016" with a download arrow.  The software can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded and installed, the software will activate over the internet. In order for the software to continue working, students must use their school email account at least once a month.

Please note that the Office software will not work with Windows XP - the minimum system requirement for a PC operating system is Windows 7 or higher.