ParentPay enables parents/carers to use a secure website in order to credit £10 or more to their child's lunch account, pay for school trips or other items purchased through school.

Existing users can access the service from the Quick Links menu at the top of the webpage.

The service is very secure and backed by Lloyds TSB Bank. Payments can be made by debit or credit card and there is no charge for this service - all the money which is intended for school lunches is therefore credited to the school lunch service and there is no leakage to the sweet shop!

If you require more information and/or an activation letter, please contact school.

Please note that as from 11th January 2016 if you access the internet via a Windows computer the minimum configuration required to use the ParentPay site is Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.  More recent versions of Windows (8, 10) and IE will also have access. 

Older versions of Windows (XP) and Internet Explorer are no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore present serious security risks.