School Food

Saint Aidan’s has a well equipped and pleasant Refectory and kitchen providing hot and cold lunches appealing to a variety of tastes. In addition to the lunchtime service, the Refectory also offers a breakfast and morning break service. The Refectory complies with all the latest legislation on healthy eating.

During lunch, the Refectory offers a different main course option each day and these will often be based around pasta, rice or noodles. A fuller meal based on meat or fish with a range of vegetables is also available. On certain days the Refectory serves a roast dinner together with a pudding or a drink of choice. In addition to these main course options a great variety of snacks are available including paninis, sandwiches, baked potatoes with various fillings and hot filled baguettes.

Many students are entitled to a free school meal. Parents are encouraged to apply for this benefit if they think they are eligible and students are especially encouraged to take their free meal if they are entitled.

Students bringing packed lunches to school consume their meal in the Refectory alongside those purchasing a meal. Parents are encouraged to provide healthy packed lunches.

We have a cashless catering system installed in the Refectory. This means that all students have their own personalised refectory account which they ‘charge’ with money at revaluation machines that are located in the main building and Ingram Wing. Students can then use the monies on their account to pay for meals or snacks. Access to the account is by ‘thumb print’ both at the revaluation machines and at the tills. Parents can, if they choose, revalue the student account by using our links with ParentPay at Initial account usernames and passwords are issued to all parents of year 7 intake students; if you need assistance in setting up your account, please contact school.

Most importantly the Refectory tries very hard to source food locally and to always provide healthy alternatives. We believe in the value of an attractive, nutritionally sound meal; the food we eat aids the learning process and all students are encouraged to choose their food wisely.

Finally the Refectory is equipped with two cooled water dispensers. All students are encouraged to use these machines responsibly so ensuring that they are hydrated throughout the day and that their learning is not inhibited.

Our current menu choices and price list is available to download on the right.