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Catch Up Funding

Saint Aidan’s receives extra funding to enable students who arrive at secondary school with lower levels of attainment in Maths or English than most students to make accelerated progress and reduce the gap with other students as quickly as possible.

Catch Up Funding Report 2018-19

The school receives money to help students who arrive in Year 7 without the skills they need to thrive at secondary school to catch up with their peers. This money is not ring-fenced, but is expected to be used to help these students. For 2018-19 the funding received was £5859. This is not sufficient to meet the full range of needs so money from the school's general budget is also used. This includes Pupil Premium funding to support disadvantaged students who are below the expected level on entry to secondary school.

The school uses the funding to assist two groups of students.

1. The very small number of students each year whose Special Educational Needs mean that they arrive very far behind the average in English and/or Maths and who need very specialised help to make good progress.
2. The larger group of students who are behind in English and/or Maths but who are able to access the full curriculum and just need some extra input to bring them up to the level of other students.

The principal focus is on Year 7 students but catch up funding is spread further up the school.


• Investment in the “Accelerated Reader” programme, which encourages reluctant readers
• Lunchtime intervention sessions using Accelerated Reader
• Support materials for use beyond English lessons
• An extra hour of English teaching for students who are below the expected level in English in Years 8 and 9, in addition to what is provided in Year 7
• Comprehensive Registration Reading programme
• Teach Reading using Games programme


• Additional Maths lessons provided in Years 7 and 8 for a group of students who are below the expected level in Maths
• Extra teaching assistant provision to allow for extra input for those who need it most