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Saint Aidan's News

Spirituality Day at Blackburn Cathedral

This term the Year 7’s went on a trip to Blackburn Cathedral. We got to the Cathedral and took a seat to listen to some words that were said: this was a mediation task. After that we got to walk around and take part in some activities related to religion.

There were lots of different stations, each with a variety of tasks to do relating to qualities we should all possess. One was forgiveness. At the forgiveness station, we had to kneel on a cushion and write “I forgive you” in the sand. As we did this, we were thinking about someone we forgive for maybe doing something to upset us. Another station was creating prayer bracelets: this station was split into two. First, we had to write the meanings of all our beads on the bracelet, e.g. ‘Thank you God for creating me and this wonderful world.’ We did this for all our beads that were going on our bracelet.

There were also stations to do with goals, promises and trust. After this, a bell rang and it was lunch time; we were so hungry! We all sat down in the north side of the Cathedral and ate our lunch. The floor was really nice because it had underfloor heating! After this, everyone sat down for the Eucharist service. It wasn’t a normal service because the priest paused after everything she did to explain it to us. During the service, those that had been confirmed had the chance to collect the bread and wine. We all joined in with the service by reading the sheet that we had been given at the start.

At the end of the day, we all got on the coaches and discussed what a fun time we had and how it was better than a normal school day! Overall, this was quite an exciting trip and I had a great time!

Mariska Vojtko-Proctor Y7