Saint Aidan's News

Getting Into The Community Spirit

By Francesa Schofield

It is often said that the small things in life are the most important. This is certainly the case with The Archbishop of York Award.

As a pupil at Saint Aidan’s, I am lucky to be taking part in this great programme for young leaders and in this article I would like to share a few examples of what we have been doing in our lessons and around the local area.

The idea of the award is to educate young people about inspirational figures past and present but also give people like me the chance to contribute to the local community.

In my year group we have spent most of 2018 learning about the importance of faith, hope and leadership skills and how these qualities have helped the faith heroes of the past. For the present, the goal of the Award is to ‘be the change you want to see.’

As well as the lessons, we were tasked with doing a Community Action Project and a School Based Action Project with classmates plus a Personal Volunteering Challenge. For me, the highlight so far has been the Community Action project where all of my year went litter picking along Knott End beach with the ‘Love my Beach’ volunteers. In groups, we took many large bin bags filling them to the brim.

We’ve also been busy creating artwork and motivational quotes around this subject. The walls are looking more colourful than ever.

For my Personal Volunteering Challenge I really enjoyed helping a family friend clear out her kitchen. She said it brightened up her day as well as her units!   

So it’s true that the small things really are the most important. But for me and my fellow classmates at Saint Aidan’s, this feels like a big thing in our development and   understanding of the local community