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New Student Officers for Saint Aidan’s

Year 10 students were put through their paces just before half term when the school selected its new team of student Officers for 2018-19.  These senior students help to lead the school and act as role models for other students, so it was no surprise that the selection procedure was quite tough!  After a formal letter of application students were grilled by a panel including Governors, Headteacher Mr Smith and this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl.  They all rose to the occasion and the panel had a lot of thinking to do before selecting the successful students.

Mr Smith writes, “It was a great privilege to be able to see how well-prepared our new senior students are for their new responsibilities and I’m really looking forward to working with them over the next 12 months.”

There are 16 Officers in total and the senior Officers are Head Girl Jaja Inskeep, Head Boy Alex Gray, Deputy Head Girl Millie Hey and Deputy Head Boy Harvey Atkinson.  They were all delighted to be chosen, and Jaja said, “Being given the opportunity to impact the students at Saint Aidan’s is the biggest reward I have received in my school career so far.  To describe the experience in one word, I would say it’s surreal!”

The new team have already started work, welcoming parents, students and MP Cat Smith to the Year 7 Presentation Evening at the end of May and they will have a busy year ahead, keeping on top of their vital GCSE work as well as all of the aspects of their Officer roles.