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Learning about the World

Year 11

Head of Year, Mrs Helen Cross, explained the idea behind the day, “Year 11 students had a taste of further education for their last Saint Aidan's Personal Development Day. Now that they've all submitted their college applications, we started to look the options available after college.” 

On the day, some students visited Lancaster University and had a tour of the campus and Halls, whilst others saw the range of courses on offer at the Lancaster Campus of the University of Cumbria, including the Health and Well-being Centre (a mock up hospital wing, with an ambulance!). Students also learnt about student finance and how to overcome possible barriers to attending university.”

She added, “Many started to realise that university can be accessible to all, if they are willing to work hard, of course.”


Year 10

This term’s Year 10 Personal Development Day centred on preparing students for stepping into the world of work. Students began the day by choosing a job and preparing for an interview. Over the course of the day, all students faced a 1:1 formal interview: a particularly nerve-racking experience for most of them. As well as the interview experience, students created CVs, wrote letters of application and completed application forms. In addition, they also heard from two professionals about their work places: Michelle Lingard, from Moys Vets, Andrew Cash from A&G Precision and heard about the job experiences of some teachers

Miss Amanda Dixon, Head of Year, said, “Year 10 had a great day developing skills that they will use for the rest of the time at Saint Aidan’s and beyond. The interviews were a challenge for some but as ever students rose to the occasion.”

Year 9

Year 9 personal development day was focusing on self-esteem and body image.  With the increase in use of social media and the impact that the media and advertising can have on young people, the day was designed to challenge young people’s opinions on body image, self-esteem, the media, stereotypes and peer pressure.

Mr Tyson, Head of Year, said, “The day challenged perceived stereotypes, the influence the media and peers have on body image and self-esteem. It opened a lot of students’ eyes to the tricks that advertisers use to sell products and perhaps deceive people.  Students looked at how they stereotype people with Mental Health issues and learnt valuable lessons on not judging a book by its cover.”

Year 8

Mr Darren Elwell, Head of Year, explained, “After horrendous weather forced us to cancel the trip to London, Year 8 looked at a variety of issues related to diversity. Students discussed what it means to live in a multicultural society and what being British means in modern society. They also looked at groups who have been persecuted such as the Jews during the Holocaust. Finally they learned what the United Nations does on behalf of all people, including the development of the United Declaration of Human Rights.

“Despite their disappointment at not going to London, Year 8s were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the day and gained some valuable insights into multicultural Britain.

Year 7

Year 7 spent the day focusing on the theme of diverse communities. During the day students explored topics such as hate crime, discrimination, negative attitudes and identity.

Miss Daisy Seville, Head of Year, commented “The reason for focussing on the topic is to encourage students to be respectful of others in society and to celebrate differences and have a positive attitude towards diversity in our society.”

Ian Ashton, from Blackpool Police came and spoke to students about Hate Crime and the range of forms that this can take. He really impressed upon students the seriousness of this issue. Sylvia Crompton, from the Anne Frank Trust, came to talk to students about the Anne Frank story and gave students an insight into how Anne had to live due to the lack of tolerance in society and the discrimination that Jewish were subjected to.

Miss Seville added, “I believe that our Personal Development Day gave Year 7 students a lot to think about and helped to deepen their understanding of this important issue. It reinforced to them that living in a diverse society is a real positive.”