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Accelerated Reader

At Saint Aidan’s we believe that reading regularly is key to students being successful learners across all subjects. We know that developing avid readers also means developing students who are creative, analytical, interesting young people. It also helps build a greater vocabulary and improves literacy skills.

In order to help develop positive reading habits with our students we are now using, across the whole of Year 7, a reading programme called Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader tests a student’s reading level in a variety of ways and suggests books which are suitable for their ability, age and interests.

Students are then required to take a quiz within 24-48 hours of reading the book, this tests their understanding. Students receive points for each book (which vary depending on the word count) and their reading can be monitored closely by their English teacher. Students can access their Accelerated Reader profiles via a downloadable iOS app or via a web browser. The programme works best when students read for at least 20 minutes per day so please encourage your child to read as much as possible at home.

Parents/carers - You can also follow your child’s reading progress by using the following link https://Ukhosted82.renlearn.co.uk/1893512/HomeConnect and inputting their username and password. This will take you to the parent site ‘Home Connect’ which allows you to see their quiz results and progress.

Students – to access Accelerated Reader follow this link https://ukhosted82.renlearn.co.uk/1893512/

Guides available for download on the right.