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Gifted and Talented Programme

The programme is aimed at students who we identify as the highest achievers in the school. Through academic differentiation and extra-curricular challenges we aim to provide our students with an individual education which will challenge them to achieve at the highest level.

At Saint Aidan’s our aim is to challenge every student and to provide work that is engaging and involves higher order challenge. We also aim to accelerate the learning of our students with high potential by providing work that is differentiated. Every member of staff aims to do this through carefully planned teaching strategies with clearly stated objectives. All of our students will know what is expected of them and how the lesson will challenge them to think further.


Each year the top 10% of each year group are placed on the Gifted & Talented Register. This is reviewed each term and a student can be added or removed from the register during the course of the year.

A student can be either gifted or talented or even both.

Gifted relates to academic subjects such as Maths, Science, English, Humanities and ICT. Talented relates to more specific areas such as Drama, PE, Music, Design and Technology and Art.

The school uses both student data from test and exam results coupled with teacher nominations to produce the School G&T Register.

Each faculty also has a subject specific G&T Register.

Provision within the curriculum

Teachers provide a rich and varied range of activities designed to extend our more able students. In addition, teaching strategies have been developed to include different learning styles.


  • Mathematics – setting in all years from the start of Year 7; sets are formally reviewed and continually monitored and adjusted
  • Science – setting in Year 8 onwards
  • English –setting from Year 8 with some single gender top sets in Years 10 and 11



  • Fast track – GCSE Additional Maths is available in Year 11


  • Gifted students are offered separate courses in Biology, Physics and Chemistry


  • Gifted linguists study two languages
  • Extra curricular provision in Italian, Spanish and Latin

In addition to the above, all faculties include G&T provision within their schemes of work.

Extra Curricular provision

A wide range of extra classes are run at Saint Aidan’s and these vary from year to year. A brief sample of recent activities:


  • Poetry Master Classes
  • Theatre trips to London
  • BBC School News Report
  • Reading Clubs
  • School Newspaper Club


  • Maths Challenge

Technology and Science

  • Astronomy GCSE
  • Engineering Club
  • TCI Days
  • Master Chef Cookery Club


  • Pottery
  • Photography Club

In addition, students take part in the many trips and visits throughout their career. The school has excellent links with external providers such as Lancaster University, Blackpool Sixth Form, BBC and local radio stations. Many students participate in the university outreach programme attending weekend events and summer schools.

Contact with Parents

Working closely with parents is an important part of supporting and challenging our G&T students. We do this in a number of ways:

  • An initial letter is sent home following the inclusion of a student on the G&T Register
  • Termly meetings are held for parents of G&T students to discuss programmes, curriculum and enrichment
  • Mailings are sent home to inform parents of any classes or courses being offered